Geek the Library Informational Meeting

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Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 9:30am


Let’s Get Our Geek On Together

Geek the Library is a community awareness campaign for public libraries that can help your team raise awareness and change perceptions about your library, and encourage more community support!

Join Geek the Library Field Manager Jenny Powell at our meeting on April 18 at 10am (coffee at 9:30am).  Jenny will provide insight about running an impactful local campaign, including specific strategies for engaging community members online and outside of the library, and ideas for getting everyone on your team motivated and engaged.

We strongly recommend enrollment in this free program.  When you enroll, OCLC will provide free materials (including posters, stickers and t-shirts), access to an online campaign management center with templates and tips, and ongoing field support for the length of your campaign. Geek the Library is flexible and includes many localization opportunities—allowing you to make your community members the face of your campaign. Geek the Library also encourages expanded use of social media to engage your community, and can improve staff marketing, communication and advocacy skills.

Find out more about Geek the Library at